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Welcome to TssWiki!

TssWiki is a new approach for wiki software. It is a static web page generator especially made for building wikis.

Minimalism is one of the main principles of TssWiki.

Contrary to other wiki systems it doesn't require PHP, Python, MySQL or other software often found in web software.

For page generation TssWiki relies only on Pandoc (for Markdown to HTML conversion), bash and common unix shell tools like sed, tr, cat, echo and others.

To serve pages you generated with TssWiki you only need a very basic web server that is able to server files. Nothing more is required for TssWiki.

To browse TssWiki generated pages you can use a text browser or a graphical browser. No JavaScript is required since TssWiki doesn't make use of it. Just modern HTML and CSS, that's all :)

You can find out more about the technical details and the requirements of TssWiki on the technical details page.

Who can benefit from using TssWiki?

This is how TssWiki can be useful for different types of persons or organisations:

How to generate a wiki with tsswiki?

Setup / Configuration

First run

If you run TssWiki the first time it will create a configuration folder in $HOME/.config/TssWiki and then copy CSS files, page blocks (headers, navigation and footers) and a web server configuration file in there. It will also create a configuration file called config.ini in the configuration folder.

The configuration file(s)

This config.ini file holds all important configuration variables like source path, output path, selected TssWiki theme and the wiki's name.

The config.ini file in $HOME/.config/TssWiki is ignored when there is a config.ini file in the current working directory. This is useful if you have multiple TssWiki instances wich each instance having a different configuration.

The config.ini file format is a simple KEY=VALUE format with one key-value pair per line so it is easily editable with any basic text editor.


This file contains HTML code that shall be placed in the header of each generated page.


This file containts HTML code that shall be placed in the footer of each generated page.

In nav.html you can enter links to wiki pages or categories that shall be visible in the top navigation bar. By default you just have the wiki's main page and the imprint page linked here.


This contains license information that are displayed on each page. It defaults to displaying license information for the Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 4.0 license. Feel free to choose a (free culture) license at your choice if the default license doesn't fit your requirements.


This is the template for apache .htaccess files. When a wiki is generated this file will be put in the output folder. It may be useful for beautifying URLs or redirecting to the index page when a non-esistant page is accessed.


This is the basic CSS file that holds CSS rules common for all themes. When editing this file bear in mind that the CSS rules from themes are loaded after the rules in basestyle.css. Therefore theme rules may overwrite basestyle.css rules!

themes folder

This folder containts the TssWiki themes. One CSS file for each theme.

Writing pages

You need to put your source files (in markdown syntax) in the source directory. After that you may call tsswiki.sh which will generate a wiki for you in the output directory.

Source files must end with .md to be processed!

Meta files

After you have written a markdown file you may also add metadata like categories or a title. These metadata are stored in a separate .meta file.

A meta file has a simple KEY=VALUE syntax::

TITLE=Hello World
CATEGORIES=Example; Another Category; More Categories ;

If you have a markdown file called helloworld.md the meta file must be named helloworld.md.meta.