CCTorrent update: ALPHA stage!

A major issue in CCTorrent was resolved: It is now possible to upload files and let them be converted by ffmpeg as background task. The way this is done will work well enough for small installations. A new thread is started for each audio file that has been uploaded successfully. The uploaded file is stored in a new directory (named "convert" below the MEDIA_ROOT directory. This means at the moment all uploaded files should be considered public if they are placed on a public server (unless you set the permissions right).

Because file upload and conversion is working now, CCTorrent can be considered ALPHA stage software :)

A few more features have been implemented:

Enjoy the CCTorrent Alpha! :)

About CCTorrent:

CCTorrent is a Python/Django web application with the goal to share Creative Commons licensed music via BitTorrent. It is a decentralised software.

Planned features: