CCTorrent update: New DB scheme

The bad news is that the current source code release of CCTorrent is broken because of the new database scheme. The good news is that the new scheme will allow more flexibility.

The following models have been added to the database:

The following models have been replaced:

The new database model means a lot of code has to be changed but the new flexibility of the scheme will be worth it. With the new picture model CCTorrent will have another feature MediaGoblin has. It would be not very difficult to add a text model to add another feature of MediaGoblin to CCTorrent ;)

Next development steps

Switching to Python 3 will be done during the code rewrite caused by the new database model. With Python 3 Unicode problems will be solved.

The next important problem for CCTorrent is file uploading, since it only works reliable on Django development servers, but not on production servers.