CCTorrent update: Video!!

Is this the (slow) rising of the next "Youtube killer"? At least the big news is that CCTorrent has very basic video support from now on! You can now upload videos the same way audio tracks were uploaded and they're also converted after uploading. Plus, you can search for video names or tags from videos. A special video page to watch videos is also implemented.

Videos can be watched by anyone, just like uploaded music on CCTorrent. Since the video file name is just the video's ID + file extension you can easily bulk download a lot of videos (or their torrents) automatically by incrementing the ID from a self-written script. So in short: Creating a local video backup of a CCTorrent instance is very easy :)

To integrate video functionality well into the existing database some tables have been altered: Video, Artist, Album and Track are now derived from the base class Rateable, because all these items shall be available for the rating system later.

UploadedAudioFile and the new UploadedVideoFile objects are derived from the new UploadedFile base class which has taken over some common attributes and functionality.

The database scheme becomes more and more stable but some changes might still occur. I added Django migrations for CCTorrent so that you don't have to reset the database with every new CCTorrent revision that altered the database scheme.

Last but not least, here are some screenshots of the new (basic) video functionality:

The page for video watching:

Basic video

Dashboard with video placeholders (extracting image from video not yet implemented):

Dashboard with video

Upload video page:

Upload new

Video search results:

Video search

Have fun with the new CCTorrent code revision :)

About CCTorrent:

CCTorrent is a Python/Django web application with the goal to share Creative Commons licensed media via BitTorrent. It is a decentralised software.
Planned features:

The source code is released under the terms of the GNU AGPLv3 and available via git on GitLab:

Clone it with git:

git clone