Deutscher? Ja, leider!

(The headline means: German? I'm afraid so!)

This is one of the days where I would like to cede my nationality. It has been a while since I do not identify myself with the german culture* anymore but today I feel really ashamed for being a german and thus belonging to a country that is suppressing other countries like Greece... as if it's still World War II.

I hoped the "Kaiserreich"-thinking would not come back after World War II but after reunification of germany it came back. Now we have a Deutsch-Europa (the "European Union") where germany is dictating other countries what to do.

The new "deal" with Greece that was "agreed" today does the same thing west-germany did to East-Germany in 1989 and 1990: State property was privatized and people lost their jobs and their future and had to move to west-germany. The same will happen to Greece: Greek's youth is already fleeing the country and there will be more that have to flee.

What kind of economic system is so asocial that people have to leave their homeland because it is "teared down" in some sense? And what's in the minds of governments to force such things? And what kind of society is it that does not welcome refugees or immigrants which are coming because the government forced them to leave their homeland?

Here in germany people become angry when a few immigrants move into empty homes. They're afraid the german culture* gets lost and think that immigrants are always criminals or islamic terrorists. Another reason for a mainstream german to become angry is when the railroad company staff or the mail company staff is on strike, fighting for higher wages or better working conditions. Then the "german Michel" is angry, because he can't travel or won't get the mail and because he himself works under bad conditions or gets low wages he doesn't appeciate that others stand up for themselves because "it's like that and standing up for oneself won't change anything".

If you want to avoid making germans angry don't introduce an highway toll for cars (called "PKW-Maut") and don't let a transwoman with beard be the german candidate for the eurovision song contest because that's when germans become angry as well. But they're ok with cuts on pensions or unemployment benefits. Especially unemployed are seen as lazy freeloaders which do nothing else than watching TV and drinking alcohol and "living on our costs".

Those germans are probably extremely manipulated by the press and TV which is controlled by politicians (public TV) or very few billionaires and their familiy members. I have no other explaination why they show so little solidarity and why they are so distracted by unimportant things.

To the people of Greece: I feel sorry about what's happening to you and hereby I want to declare that the german government is not acting in my name. I also didn't vote for Merkel's party (CDU) nor the other conservative party (SPD, former social democratic party).
If I can do more than just declaring my solidarity please let me know.


Moritz Strohm

Appendix: german culture

For those who don't know about the new german mainstream culture, it consists of the following things: