Software status updates now somewhere else

I have set up a Redmine instance on my webspace where I will publish all stuff related to my software (except the source code) from now on. This means that I will not post any software status updates in this blog anymore. Instead they will be posted in the news feeds in Redmine.

The Redmine instance is available here:

All news from all my software projects are combined in this Atom feed:

Using Redmine brings a lot of benefits: I have all information related to my software in one central place and I can use this blog for other texts. Same with the wiki: My wiki at has a lot of ideas but adding all information for my software would be a bit overhead and would mix up with the rest of the wiki content. So separate wikis and "blogs" for my software projects are better. Plus, Redmine allows filling bug reports, feature requests and other stuff and you can see how much I worked on projects and what I was doing. You don't need to look into the project's git repository anymore :)

So, this will be the last software update post from this blog. If you want to get the latest news on my software projects check out .


Moritz Strohm