"Suspicions on treason": Federal public prosecutor is investigating against netzpolitik.org

This is a translation of an article on netzpolitik.org that was written by Andre Meister and published on 2015-07-30. All the links below direct to web pages in german. The original article in german is available from the following link:


If things run as planned by the chief of the constitution protection service* Maaßen and federal public prosecutor Range  Markus and I will be in prison for two years. Today we were informed on investigations against us and person unknown. The accusation: treason.

We received post from the federal public prosecutor. In it he confirms the investigations against Markus, me and person unknown "because of suspicion of treason" according to § 94 StGB [german penal code]:

The person who lets an unauthorized person gain access to a state secret or who publishes a state secret to disadvantage the Federal Republic of Germany or to promote a foreign power and by that leading to the danger of a massive disadvantage for the outer security of the Federal Republic of Germany will be punished with a prison sentence not less than one year.

We are no witnesses, instead we are to made liable as complice the same way as our unknown source(s). We see this as an attack on the freedom of the press! It has been a long time since Germany proceeded against journalists and their sources in this manner.

[The TV magazine] 3sat Kulturzeit is reporting about the backgrounds: Secret criminals – Whistleblower to be charged?

We won't let them intimidate ourselves and by the way, we're financing ourselves with voluntary donations. With your support we can reveal a lot more and defend ourselves legally.

Next wednesday we will get an award as "excellent location" by Germany – Land of ideas, a "joint location initiative by the federal government and the german industry" – the patron is federal president Joachim Gauck.


* The constitution protection service is some sort of interior intelligence agency in germany, famous for spying on left-wing parties and supporting individuals.